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China, others aim to make the best of coronavirus geopolitical – March 20, 2020

As Serbia’s European Union neighbours closed their borders and halted many medical exports, President Aleksandar Vucic made an appeal here “Serbia now turns its eyes to China,” he said. “All my personal hopes are focused and directed toward China and its president.”

Amid virus outbreak, disinformation and international strains – March 16, 2020

As the coronavirus outbreak ravaged Iran on March 5, the new commander of its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps announced that the country was “engaged in a biological battle”.

Amid coronavirus, Trump, Modi and Netanyahu leap to seal their borders – March 12, 2020

The week started with coronavirus prompting Saudi Arabia and Russia to tear up the rule book on oil exports to start a savage price war.

With oil price slump, coronavirus unleashes economic warfare– March 9, 2020

A new week of the coronavirus crisis is beginning with another unexpected consequence – an oil price crash driven by the outbreak of relatively unrestricted economic warfare between Saudi Arabia, Russia and the West.

Turkey-Syria crisis points to risky post-American Mideast – February 13, 2020

In parts of Syria dubbed “de-escalation zones” by the government, what could yet prove a new regional conflict is escalating fast.

With virus outbreak, China showcases micro drone surveillance – February 3, 2020

Sometime last week, a small group of Chinese residents were sitting outside in the town of Chengdu. A small drone approached them, hovered nearby and began to speak.

In Davos, Trump frames climate change as global culture war – January 22, 2020

In Davos on Tuesday, President Donald Trump pledged the United States to a major global project to plant a trillion trees worldwide in the next decade.

From Taiwan to Moscow reshuffle, Xi and Putin face their limits – January 20, 2020

From rumours that Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen was lesbian to coordinated videos and website comments and a show of force with an aircraft carrier, China’s government appeared to be pulling out all the stops when it came to influencing Taiwan’s election early this month.

In next war, soldiers will leave their smartphones at home – January 14, 2020

As the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division departed for the Middle East amid rising tensions with Iran, their divisional commander gave a simple order.All personnel entering the region were told to leave smartphones and personal devices in the United States.

Soleimani strike will be felt well beyond Middle East – January 3, 2020

In killing Iran’s Major-General Qassem Soleimani in an air strike near Baghdad’s international airport, Donald Trump has taken a geostrategic risk it is almost impossible to imagine from any other U.S. president.

Legacy of 2010s will be growing international and political divisions – January 2, 2020

As a new decade begins, the first century of the new millennium will already be a fifth over.

Carrier fire points to weakness behind Moscow’s military might – December 19, 2019

It’s been a mixed month for Russia and its military. In Syria, they took control here of the former Islamic State capital Raqqa, strengthening their hand following the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

Personalities outweigh issues at NATO’s testy birthday summit – December 6, 2019

The celebration of NATO’s birthday began with Donald Trump branding his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron “nasty” and ended with the U.S. president describing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as “two-faced”.

In Trump era, Europeans want a very different foreign policy – November 28, 2019

As indicators of how America’s allies now feel about Washington after three years of Donald Trump, there are a few statistics more stark than those on how Germans think about relying on the U.S. nuclear deterrent.

In Hong Kong, worst may be yet to come – November 21, 2019

As protests in Hong Kong approach their sixth consecutive month, those in charge of the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing may be regretting they ever took control of the territory – and particularly under a “one country, two systems” arrangement.

With ‘brain death’ comments, Macron highlights Europe’s NATO fears – November 8, 2019

Since U.S. President Donald Trump entered the White House in 2017, NATO summits have often proved diplomatically messy events.

Baghdadi death marks the end of an era for ‘war on terror’ – October 30, 2019

The death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi this week will not mark the end of Islamic state, nor U.S. military efforts against Islamist militancy in the Middle East and beyond.

Clinton does Democrats no favour reviving Russia conspiracy talk – October 23, 2019

As a contender for the U.S. presidency in 2016, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was besieged with opposition rumour and conspiracy theories.

Towards a post-American Middle East – October 16, 2019

As protests spread across the Arab world in late 2010 and early 2011, the Obama administration struggled to decide a strategy.

Beset by Hong Kong protests, China’s Xi showcases missiles – October 4, 2019

As Hong Kong recovered from its most violent day of protests so far, Beijing’s English-language “Global Times” newspaper led on the celebrations of 70 years of Communist rule.

When politicians lie, should Facebook promote them? – September 26, 2019

During the 2016 U.S. election, Facebook says it did not do enough to enforce its standards as rumour and untruth spread.

Saudi oil attack shows how Iran sees new Mideast game – September 21, 2019

If Iran’s government was truly behind last weekend’s cruise missile and drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s energy infrastructure, it has put its potential foes across the Middle East in an awkward, uncomfortable position.

Conspiracy theories risk becoming new currency of post-truth politics – August 22, 2019

On Wednesday, as wildfires ripped across the Amazon rainforest, the Brazilian president took to Facebook to accuse nongovernmental organizations of setting light to the trees.

As arms treaty fails, big powers risk new missile race – August 9, 2019

For those who worried about the risk of the Cold War ending in catastrophe, the early- to mid-1980s were the most alarming period since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.

Western democracies face problems, but so do Russia and China – August 2, 2019

It has not been the easiest year for democracies in the West, with storm clouds gathering over Brexit and also now over next year’s U.S. presidential election.

With joint patrol, Russia and China divide U.S. allies – July 25, 2019

As bloodless encounters go, Tuesday’s face-off between a Russian surveillance plane and South Korean fighter jets was as vicious as they come.

New international moon race could define humanity’s future – July 17, 2019

Fifty years after Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins blasted off for the moon, a new space race is on.

The dark new world of leaks, rumours and deadly hybrid war – July 11, 2019

s Britain ponders the fallout from leaked diplomatic telegrams from its ambassador to Washington, it ponders an awkward question.

Trump’s dance with autocrats keeps diplomatic doors open – July 3, 2019

For those who accuse U.S. President Donald Trump of being more at home in the company of dictators, autocrats and authoritarian rulers than with democratic leaders, the past week has provided ready ammunition.

G20 leaders more preoccupied by domestic woes than ever – June 27, 2019

World leaders have no shortage of global issues to discuss at this week’s Group of 20 summit but, perhaps more than ever before, most will be more focused on their own domestic politics than on international diplomacy.

As tensions rise, U.S. plan for Iran is unclear – June 20, 2019

When Barack Obama was preparing his fight for a second term as U.S. president in 2012, his administration was preoccupied with two big foreign policy crises.

Turkey, S-400 and the new arms sale geopolitics – June 14, 2019

Sometime next month, Russia may begin here shipping its S-400 air defence system to Turkey.

China president’s favourite general trips up over Taiwan – June 7, 2019

As head of Beijing’s strategic nuclear forces and its fastest rising general, Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe had a reputation for “doing more and saying less”.

Why Trump’s Iran face-off may be more dangerous than North Korea – May 30, 2019

Maritime security experts say there was likely here less than four kilograms of explosives in the limpet mine that tore open a gash in the stern of Norwegian oil tanker “Andrea Victory” as she lay at anchor off the United Arab Emirates on May 12.

Berlin airlift anniversary raises thorny geopolitical questions – May 13, 2019

This week, dignitaries and Western military veterans celebrated the seventieth anniversary of the Berlin airlift, the mammoth year-long effort to break a ground blockade by the Soviet Union.

Huawei and the unravelling of globalisation – May 8, 2019

When former Chinese army officer Ren Zhengfei founded Huawei in 1987, his business plan appears to have been relatively simple.

Notre-Dame, Sri Lanka and democracy’s social media dilemma – April 25, 2019

When Paris’s Notre-Dame cathedral caught fire on April 15, it was only a matter of minutes before conspiracy theories were swirling across social media.

What Sudan tells us about 21st century coups – April 19, 2019

Barely a week before Zimbabwe’s military ousted President Robert Mugabe in November 2017, its top commander visited Beijing. Exactly what he discussed with his People’s Liberation Army counterparts has never been disclosed.

China goes unconventional in escalating South China Sea face-off – April 12, 2019

In early December, a flotilla of two dozen Chinese fishing boats and escort warships sailed to here the disputed Filipino-occupied reef of Thitu. By the end of the month, Beijing had almost 100 vessels in and around the archipelago, sparking an initially largely hidden confrontation that could yet spark outright war.

India test and US Space Force fuel new high-altitude arms race – April 5, 2019

When historians of the future chart humanity’s military misadventures in space, they might conclude they began in earnest last month.

Is China winning global battle for silence over Uighurs – March 22, 2019

For Turkish firms exporting marble and other stone to an increasingly lucrative Chinese market, the Xiamen International Stone Fair should have been the business highlight of the year.

Chinese, local drones reflect changing Middle East – March 6, 2019

Ever since 9/11, drones have been amongst the most visible, and often controversial, signs of American power in the Middle East and beyond.

Korea talks failure caps worrying week for world peace – March 1, 2019

With Russian nuclear threats, India and Pakistan on the brink of all-out war and now U.S.-North Korea talks breaking down in Vietnam, it has been a messy week for diplomacy.

Are China, Russia winning the AI arms race? – January 15, 2019

Chinese authorities hope they will design a new generation of artificial intelligent weapons systems that could range from microscopic robots to computer worms, submarines, drones and tanks.

In Azov Sea, Putin plays a deadly Ukraine game – November 26, 2018

On Sunday, Moscow turned the key in that door by using a cargo ship to block entry to the Azov Sea. As warplanes and combat helicopters flew overhead, Russian border patrol boats seized three Ukrainian naval ships after opening fire on them and wounding several sailors.

Covering the world, paralyzed from the shoulders down – September 6, 2018

Twelve years ago this week, I woke up in a wrecked vehicle on a front-line road in eastern Sri Lanka. My neck was broken, I was paralyzed from the shoulders down and it took a matter of seconds to conclude my life was probably over.

The changing face of Afghanistan’s war – August 15, 2018

On the streets of a city in central Afghanistan, government troops and the Taliban have been fighting for the future of their country.

China’s plan to reshape the world – August 8, 2018

A decade after the  Beijing Olympics, China’s rulers would rather be feared than liked – and that brings with it a very new dynamic in its domestic politics and relations with the rest of the world.

Donald Trump’s unsettling summit game – July 16, 2018

President Trump’s trip to  Europe antagonized America’s allies in the region,  pleased  many of his supporters and demonstrated just how unwilling he is to listen to advises. Which, of course, was exactly the point.

Western armies risk losing their high-tech edge – July 6, 2018

When America’s soldiers, sailors and pilots go to war, they are used to enjoying massive technical superiority over their foes. But those days may soon be gone for good.

What the G7 still offers the world – June 7, 2018

As leaders of the world’s largest economies gather in Montréal, they face an awkward question: in the era of Trump, what is the West really for?

Why historically neutral Sweden is preparing for war  – May 31, 2018

Over the last two weeks, every household in Sweden has received a booklet telling residents what to do in the event of invasion or disaster.

China’s Muslim minority face a modern  Orwellian nightmare  – May 8, 2018

China’s Uighur minority increasingly have nowhere to hide.

What a nuclear deal with North Korea might like – April 25, 2018

If a nuclear deal with North Korea is possible, it will require concessions by both sides.

Russia’s “Satan 2” and the new missile race – April 5, 2018

Why Vladimir Putin just launched the largest ballistic missile in history.

How Beijing is winning in the South China Sea – March 29, 2018

With artificial islands and ever more assertive naval maneuvers, China is pushing back the US and its allies in the South China Sea.

Tillerson fall shows Trump learning game of politics – March 13, 2018

Donald Trump is learning how to work the presidency.




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