Reuters columns

Here you can find a collection of my most recent Reuters columns. Click here for a complete selection.

The changing face of Afghanistan’s war – August 15, 2018

On the streets of a city in central Afghanistan, government troops and the Taliban have been fighting for the future of their country.

China’s plan to reshape the world – August 8, 2018

A decade after the  Beijing Olympics, China’s rulers would rather be feared than liked – and that brings with it a very new dynamic in its domestic politics and relations with the rest of the world.

Donald Trump’s unsettling summit game – July 16, 2018

President Trump’s trip to  Europe antagonized America’s allies in the region,  pleased  many of his supporters and demonstrated just how unwilling he is to listen to advises. Which, of course, was exactly the point.

Western armies risk losing their high-tech edge – July 6, 2018

When America’s soldiers, sailors and pilots go to war, they are used to enjoying massive technical superiority over their foes. But those days may soon be gone for good.

What the G7 still offers the world – June 7, 2018

As leaders of the world’s largest economies gather in Montréal, they face an awkward question: in the era of Trump, what is the West really for?

Why historically neutral Sweden is preparing for war  – May 31, 2018

Over the last two weeks, every household in Sweden has received a booklet telling residents what to do in the event of invasion or disaster.

China’s Muslim minority face a modern  Orwellian nightmare  – May 8, 2018

China’s Uighur minority increasingly have nowhere to hide.

What a nuclear deal with North Korea might like – April 25, 2018

If a nuclear deal with North Korea is possible, it will require concessions by both sides.

Russia’s “Satan 2” and the new missile race – April 5, 2018

Why Vladimir Putin just launched the largest ballistic missile in history.

How Beijing is winning in the South China Sea – March 29, 2018

With artificial islands and ever more assertive naval maneuvers, China is pushing back the US and its allies in the South China Sea.

Tillerson fall shows Trump learning game of politics – March 13, 2018

Donald Trump is learning how to work the presidency.