Independent candidate for Labour Party NEC

This country desperately needs a Labour Government, and we have failed to provide it. I am running for the NEC because I believe we need the Labour Party’s structures to be more accountable, effective and representative. Whoever becomes leader will need to be both supported and held to account, and stitched up factional slates are not the way to do that. Read more »

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About me

As a career foreign correspondent for Reuters News Agency, I’ve seen what happens when democratic systems falter and fail. After breaking my neck covering the Sri Lankan Civil War, I found myself completely paralysed and dependent on the welfare state. Without a compensation package won by my trade union solicitor, I would have spent the last five years in a nursing home. I get why the country needs our party, and that’s why I joined. I helped coordinate Labour Friends of the Forces during the 2017 election campaign, and since 2018 I have been fundraising officer for Vauxhall CLP.

The problem

What I want to fix:
• An unaccountable NEC that only truly serves the leader of the day
• Internal complaints and campaign systems not fit for purpose
• A culture that allows far too much harassment, racism and bullying
• Undemocratic stitch-ups that block talent and encourage nepotism
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Policy platform

What I want to deliver:
• A more representative, accountable, effective party
• Complaints and internal systems that work
• A supportive, inclusive environment for members
• Democratic candidate selection and support
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Where I stand politically

This is not a factional fight – I want a party that works for everyone. But if you want to know, here’s where I stand politically, and the experiences and values that shape my politics.
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Disability and radical inclusion

In the 14 years since I broke my neck and became paralysed, I’ve had a lot of time to think about what it’s like to be different. Here’s what I think the party needs to do to be more inclusive to those like me and other underrepresented groups.
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Nominations and supporters

Disability Labour, Aldershot, Colne Valley, Edinburgh Central, Forest of Dean, North West Durham, Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport, Tunbridge Wells, Thurrock, Torbay, Torridge and West Devon, South West Surrey, South West Wiltshire, Vauxhall, Wimbledon CLPs

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