Medium article – the day I broke my neck

Originally published on Medium.  Original story here.   The day I broke my neck Newly injured by the roadside, Eastern Sri Lanka, September 5, 2006 [Reuters] When I woke, the engine noise was gone. So, judging by the light, was the tinted windscreen. My face was hard against the minibus dashboard, I’ve lost my glasses and […] Read more »

Anniversary column and video – Covering the world, paralyzed from the shoulders down

  This week was the twelfth anniversary of the crash that broke my neck. Reuters holds copyright for both the piece and video. Commentary: Covering the world, paralyzed from the shoulders down Peter Apps Twelve years ago this week, I woke up in a wrecked vehicle on a front line road in eastern Sri Lanka. […] Read more »

Thoughts on a striking summer

London has rarely seen a summer like it, and maybe neither have I.  The heat wave lasted for weeks going on months, and felt like it brought with it a certain kind of madness. For me, it’s been in many respects the best since the injury 12 years ago, but that’s also brought with it […] Read more »

Getting started

For a while now, I’ve been giving serious thought to writing more about my disability and experiences of it. It’s now coming up on 12 years since the minibus smash in Sri Lanka that pulverized the third, fourth and fifth vertebrae of my spinal cord and opened a very new and… challenging chapter. For those […] Read more »

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