Independent candidate for Labour Party NEC

This country desperately needs a Labour Government, and we have failed to provide it. I am running for the NEC because I believe we need the Labour Party’s structures to be more accountable, effective and representative. Whoever becomes leader will need to be both supported and held to account, and stitched up factional slates are not the way to do that. Read more »

A cold, rewarding election that still makes me hopeful

I guess when I look back, one of my overwhelming memories of the selection will be of cold. A December election is a very different prospect to Britain’s normal habit of having them in May, particularly if, like me, you’ve smashed your spinal cord and are particularly susceptible to changes in temperature. That, of course, […] Read more »

What I’ve learned through running for Parliament

As many of you will be aware, for the last year in particular I’ve been doing what I can in the hopes of being selected as a Labour Party potential parliamentary candidate for the next election. This weekend, with the last few seats decided, it became clear that had not worked out. It’s a journey […] Read more »

Into the election – an update

As many of you will be aware, I was disappointed not to be longlisted by the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee for Vauxhall. The eventual slate of candidates, however, was very, very strong – and was delighted that Florence Eshalomi was ultimately selected as the candidate. As my fellow candidate Belinda Washington – also unfortunately […] Read more »

Running for office – what I stand for

Finally, we have a degree of clarity on what the next stages will likely look like for parliamentary selection here in Vauxhall and beyond. In the next week or so, the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee will produce a long list, which will then be distilled down to a shortlist by a three person team […] Read more »

Standing for Parliament – an update

September, and Britain’s ongoing political crisis and the party conference season are now in full swing. So, with fits and starts, is the parliamentary selection contest for Vauxhall – although the situation there, and across the country, remains complex. As with Brexit and the date of any election, there’s a lot we still don’t know. […] Read more »

Standing to be the next MP in Vauxhall

Just over two weeks ago, I announced on Facebook I was throwing my hat into the ring to be Vauxhall’s next Labour Party parliamentary candidate. I’ve hugely valued my post injury journalism career, and I’m lucky to have been able to pursue it at all. But if I’m honest, ever since the accident I’ve craved […] Read more »

Medium article – the day I broke my neck

Originally published on Medium.  Original story here.   The day I broke my neck Newly injured by the roadside, Eastern Sri Lanka, September 5, 2006 [Reuters] When I woke, the engine noise was gone. So, judging by the light, was the tinted windscreen. My face was hard against the minibus dashboard, I’ve lost my glasses and […] Read more »

Anniversary column and video – Covering the world, paralyzed from the shoulders down

  This week was the twelfth anniversary of the crash that broke my neck. Reuters holds copyright for both the piece and video. Commentary: Covering the world, paralyzed from the shoulders down Peter Apps Twelve years ago this week, I woke up in a wrecked vehicle on a front line road in eastern Sri Lanka. […] Read more »

Reuters column: the messy lesson of Trump’s latest legal challenges

My Reuters column this week looks at a momentous legal week for Donald Trump. But how much does that really mean? My best attempt at looking forward to the midterms, further legal wranglings and what the US president might do next. Original here.   The mixed verdict in the trial of Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former […] Read more »

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